What I’m busy with now (Mar 2020)

Rule #1 for fundraising: Thank the donors, whether privately or publicly.

Rule#2 Regularly update them exactly how their money or donation is impacting a cause. Follow through, Be specific.

Beware: 98% chance that what riled you up on social media was planned to do exactly that. And this works best with people who think they are smart, educated and enlightened.

Not sure about the legalities but I think this is the biggest development in the Internet in years https://bit.ly/2xIiHTg Even some of the most obscure books I can think of is now digitized and public

A bit over the top dramatic but when you have Johnny Cash and Pink Floydd in same playlist... https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4qaro0MWictgnHFCbvjytF?si=vL6oZQl7Tt2XBH7I45rTKA

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