What I’m busy with now (Aug 2019)

    • Learning Japanese (again) via Duolingo app and I’m scheduling with private tutor who I will meet up with weekly.
    • I start making a model house because of Adam Savage book “Every Tool’s a hammer”  and video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssxCQuv3KzE 
    • Researching on future of newspapers and news sites for a client.
    • Doing a competitive analysis for contruction websites.
    • Creating lead generation Facebook bots for dental clinics.


Just saw a geeky Q on how one organizes books. My answer,
I always have three "piles":
1) main bookshelf arranged by arbitrary topics
2) my fave shelf on top of my desk with to-read-next, super faves and references are.
3) a small messy pile of 5-7 currently reading books.


Here's the TRICKY THING about emulating the world's best

even when the best deconstructors like @tferriss, @joerogan, @farnamstreet and @naval get them to REVEAL their secrets...

The best reveal the FEW things they DO—

but not the HUNDREDS of things they've learned NOT to do!

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