What I’m busy with now (Nov 2019)

    • Prepping for a talk for members of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI). Topics: possible futures of the newspapers, monetizing the news, etc..
    • Consuming and taking as much notes from works of Alan Weiss about consulting. I especially loved Noah Kagan’s 2-part podcast on him recently here.
    • Prepping for Osaka trip on December.

After years doing consultancy and shorty after reading a lot of @fortelabs materials, I'm beginning to see a pattern that most clients confuse Information Technology with Knowledge Management. Knowledge workers today don't need to be techie nerds but they do need #digitalfluency.

Jedis had mind tricks,

here's a counterintuitive MOOD technique.

Do you know anyone in a dark place,

struggling with powerful negative emotions,

depression, grief, perhaps asking the meaning of life?

Instead of "being supportive", "trying to help"—

ASK him or her for help.

Love these writing quotes:

1) "Your biggest enemy is a day spent not writing, not a day spent writing too little.” — @tylercowen

2) “The coolest people I meet are the ones who find me through something I’ve written.” — @sivers

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