What I’m busy with now (Nov 2019)

    • Prepping for a talk for members of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI). Topics: possible futures of the newspapers, monetizing the news, etc..
    • Consuming and taking as much notes from works of Alan Weiss about consulting. I especially loved Noah Kagan’s 2-part podcast on him recently here.
    • Prepping for Osaka trip on December.

Using data for good. Congrats, @docligot ! https://2019.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/living-our-world/smash-your-sdgs/teams/aedes-project/project #NASA #SpaceApps

“Most novices look for more information and generally think there’s something they’re missing. They tend to fret about every minute detail and often question every aspect of a program. This is the biggest struggle most people face today…” — @johnfawkes https://link.medium.com/TDAo78Zty2

🎙استندآپ کمدی Anthony Jeselnik درباره ی همدردی‌های بی ارزش مردم!

@StandUpFa تلگرام


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