Using Toys as Productivity Tools – Classic Marvel Figurines

Bought my third Classic Marvel Figurine – Gladiator-  to commemorate completion of Jenni Epperson website.

So the idea is with multiple web projects I often delay in completion for one reason or another, I’m using one of my childhood wants as an incentive to finish these projects as soon as possible.  They act as concrete rewards  and visual reminders to keep working smart (and also harder).

In any case, I’m only collecting class-100, immortals, cosmic or any other heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe,  not necessarily superstars. Some limitations though – a lot of these figures are not available now except in UK, only few stores sell them here in Manila, and I’m very picky which ones I want

Below are all three so far with corresponding projects they are tied to.

Gladiator, bought for completing


Ikaris, bought for completing



Sentry is definitely one of my favorite characters in recent times. Actually given to me by my cool buddy, but I consider it a milestone for completing gameopsinc website.


On the “Next” list (still available here) are Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Wonderman, Ultron,  and Super Skrull.

On the wish list (but have to go are Black Bolt, Thanos, Apocalypse, Hercules, Colossus, and Juggernaut.

So I need to finish other projects…