Habits by Mark Manson

For our generation, emphasis has always been put on self-esteem and not self-discipline . And it seems that we’re paying the

Think about it, a person who gets up every morning, makes their bed, gets all of their work done by noon, practices an instrument in the afternoon, learns a new language in their spare time, goes to the gym every other night, budgets their finances perfectly, calls their mother and feeds the dog, saves babies from burning buildings — do you really think they are forcing themselves into making all of these decisions at every moment of every day against a wave of internal resistance?

What does work is focusing on one goal at a time, and building up to it slowly over a long period of time by implementing

So, for example, let’s say you want to start working out on a regular basis . Instead of just focusing on developing the habit of “working out,” focus on developing a routine around initiating a workout . This may just seem like a semantic difference, but it’s huge .

Studies have also found that after something becomes a habit, our behavior isn’t actually guided by our internal goals and motivations anymore . 11

Author Jonathan Franzen once said that nothing good could be written on a laptop that had an internet connection . Your

goal should not be the final end product, but creating circumstances that make the end product inevitable . Instead of setting a goal

Instead of asking yourself what goal you’d like to reach, go one step further and ask which habits you’d have to implement in order for that goal to be achievable, and then expend the willpower on implementing those life habits .