Desperate Measure to Cool Laptop

This is not recommended! I love my huge HP Pavilion DV7 and it has paid well a hundredth fold in completing projects and in non-productive tasks for the past four years. But as with most other laptops, overheating has become a major problem. As time passes, build up of dust and other gunk (including cigarette […]

A shortlist of creative influences

Discovered and enjoyed raptly in my teens, these creative geniuses still hold great influence in my life and the creative work I dream to pursue. David Lynch (film) Luc Besson (film) Clive Barker (film) Frank Black (music) Bob Mould (music) J Mascis (music) Sinéad O’Connor (music) John McCrea (music) Francesco Clemente (art) Frank Frazetta (art) Egon Schiele (art) Alan Moore (lit) […]