Internet Marketing Campaigns

I. Consultation & Custom Blueprint Creation

A. industry & competition analysis

B. target market study & custom Internet Marketing Strategy

C. branding recommendations

D. sales process recommendations

E. web site goals & conversion tactics

II. Reliable Setup of Domain(s), Hosting, & E-mails

III. Implementation of Content & Structure
Together with design, all must lead to High Conversion of viewers into customers by implementing all recommendations from consultation.

A. usability

B. relevant content

IV. Implementation Web Site Management Systems

A. Content Management

B. Contact/Leads Management

C. Sales Process

V. Integration of Third-Party Features

A. Security measures (backup, antihack, protected content)

B. e-commerce system

C. Metrics (analysis of visitors and conversion rates)

D. CRM (customer relationship management)/ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

VI. Launching of Internet Marketing Campaign Strategies
Keys to success: gain consistent vast numbers of targeted viewers and convert them into buying customers – what most sites fail to address and most web companies fail to offer.

A. Audio Video Marketing

B. Paid Ads (pay per action/pay per click)

C. Strategic partnerships & Affiliate Marketing

D. Sub Websites

E. Blogs/ Social Networks

F. Article/White Paper Marketing

G. Search Engines/Keyword Selection (SEO organic and non-organic)

H. Directory and Bookmark submissions