What I’m busy with now (Aug 2019)

    • Learning Japanese (again) via Duolingo app and I’m scheduling with private tutor who I will meet up with weekly.
    • I start making a model house because of Adam Savage book “Every Tool’s a hammer”  and video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssxCQuv3KzE 
    • Researching on future of newspapers and news sites for a client.
    • Doing a competitive analysis for contruction websites.
    • Creating lead generation Facebook bots for dental clinics.


The data is clear: Alcohol is terrible for your sleep.

So the more people respect the importance of sleep, the less alcohol people will consume.

"Conservations often rely on charismatic megafauna—animals big, pretty, fuzzy, or funny enough ...to attract funds that will benefit lots of other, less affable creatures (think bugs, snakes, or unsexy plants)."


One of many mind-blowing info from @balajis via @tferriss podcast episode.


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